Why are we one of the fastest growing salon franchises?

Our simple, B2B real estate business model is recession proof. Franchisees lease individual, fully-equipped salon studios to beauty professionals, empowering their dreams of ownership. Your own Sola Salons Franchise could house a collective of 20 to 40 boutique, move-in-ready salons all under one roof where professionals such as hairdressers, estheticians, massage therapists can each individually operate their own businesses. A Sola Salons Franchise requires minimal staff and drives unparalleled occupancy and retention rates.




beauty professionals


Years of salon
franchise expertise


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World Class Support

We’ve integrated the Sola Business Model with proven support tools so that our franchisees are set up for success. You’ll have access to our corporate team who has set up over 600 locations all over North America with benefits such as site selection, operations support and ongoing marketing and training.


Market Analysis & Site Selection

Our experienced corporate team helps you identify competitive locations and markets to build a best-in-class Sola. A high-quality build-out at the best price is the end result through our preferred contractors, commercial real estate pointers and legal staff.



Our preferred contractors who have worked on hundreds of Sola locations can build out your location with fully-equipped, upscale studios. You’ll have access to our in-house design services and design vendor so you can complete each modern studio with cabinets, lighting, chairs and mirrors.


Integrated Marketing

Our corporate marketing team creates tested and proven nationally branded campaigns to attract beauty professionals to rent salons at your locations. Plus, you’ll receive step-by-step training to execute on a local level.


Ongoing Training &

Our corporate team is here to walk you through every step of the process to successfully opening and operating your Sola. And, you’ll be part of a passionate franchisee community of leaders for first-hand advice and insights.


Top Reasons to Franchise with Sola Salons

Franchising with Sola will ensure you’ve diversified your portfolio with a proven investment opportunity in a growing segment.

  • The Canadian Hair Care and Salon Industry is valued at $6.6 billion.
  • There’s no market leader in the Canadian Salon industry, now is the time to join the fastest growing salon franchise in its expansion to Canada.
  • The Canadian Hair and Nail Salon industry is expected to grow 3-5% annually.


“We’re proud of what we have been able to create in the GTA. We now have three locations that are full of outstanding salon professionals - accomplished in their craft, good people and thankful that we’ve provided a solution to their work-life balance equation all while making more money than they ever have and being treated with the respect and dignity they so deserve.”

Kevin Lent Oakville, Ontario CANADA


“As a realtor and investor with the Keller Williams Real Estate franchise, Sola was a natural. Amazing model and culture to match. Excited to be included as one of the first to introduce Sola to Canada.”

Larry Lloyd Toronto, Ontario CANADA


“After I sold my farm I was looking for a solid business investment, and Sola Salons was it. I loved the idea of bringing our model to Calgary. There are large market opportunities throughout Canada, where Sola Salons can make a real difference in the salon landscape.”

Ron Magnuson Sola Salons Calgary, Alberta CANADA


“It’s a good business investment. But it’s more than that. I honestly really love what I do. I don’t think I’ll ever want to do anything else.”

Austin Campbell Franchise Owner of 13 Locations, San Diego, CA


“Sola has integrated property management and merchant processing software so you can operate the back office of your operation, and then they give you comprehensive marketing collateral that you can deploy on a local level.”

Scott Ditsworth Franchise Owner, Los Angeles, CA and Detroit, MI


“Having been a franchisor with over 1,000 franchises, I knew what to look for and what I found with Sola is that their support is phenomenal.”

David McKinnon Multi-Unit Franchisee, Florida & California


“To broaden our book of business, restaurant operators like myself are attracted to the simplicity of Sola’s model when compared to the complexities of today’s food service concepts. It’s a no-brainer.”

Mitch Cohen Multi-Unit Franchisee, New York


“When my business partner, Dave Donahower, and I started developing Sola in 2013, there were only 93 locations. To own the 500th location is incredibly exciting from a brand perspective and on a personal level.”

Heather Safrit Multi-Unit Franchisee, Palm Beach County, FL


Financial Requirements

Is our turn key franchise model for you? Having franchise ownership experience is a plus but it is not required. You also don’t require any beauty industry experience. Your total investment range depends on many factors, some of our franchisees invested as little as $545,476 for the entire process.

  • $1.5M

    Net worth minimum

  • $500K

    Liquid assets minimum


Is a Sola Salons
Franchise for you?

  • Want to invest in
    a hands off approach;
  • Seeking to amplify
    your portfolio;
  • Believes in proven
  • Commits to high quality
    results in everything they do.

Does this sound like you? Get in touch with our Sola Salons Franchise Team today. We will get back to you to schedule a call within the week.

Help Sola empower you to live your best life.

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